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Average Motorbike Insurance Costs

The average motorcycle insurance cost depends upon the age of the insurer, the type of bike and the temperament of the insurer. These factors vary widely among different age groups and so does the insurance. For example, you may take a typical 25-year-old, a 21-year-old and a teenager with a 350cc machine and insure them with third party, fire and theft.

Under such conditions, the teenager is three times more likely to make a claim during a year, the 21-year-old twice and the 25 year old is likely to claim just once. You may keep in mind that because of the high claim rate among teenagers, the premiums they need to pay are much higher. This amount decreases as age increases, provided other factors are constant.

Besides age, the type of bike is another factor that needs to be considered. A teenager with a 750cc bike should expect to pay as high excess as £200, but this amount drops for smaller and older bikes. So if you are riding a modestly sized bike, you are likely to only be asked for an excess of £25 each time you claim for theft or fire,

The third factor that affects the insurance costs you need to shell out is your temperament. If you are a considerably safe driver with minimal claims you may be able to get a good discount. Features like a sidecar may also reduce the amount you need to pay.

The average cost of insurance also depends on the type of insurance you are opting for. The basic insurance is third party only, followed by fire and theft. Comprehensive insurance is as the name specifies, the most comprehensive, both in benefits and costs. Also, you have two distinct policies for motorcycle insurance. The specified bike policy allows you to insure multiple riders on the same bike. The specified rider policy, on the other hand, covers the rider specifically on any bike up to a particular size. The choice of insuring either the bike or the driver lies with you, a factor that again affects the average cost you may need to pay.

The best method to find out how much you would need to pay on an average is to research rates online. Visit your country or state specific sites and enter the details, which would most specifically include your age, type of bike and driving records. While the rates do vary with different competitors, motorcycle specialist insurance companies might be able to provide you the best rates overall.

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