Sustainable Power Seekes in England, Scotland and Wales

Electric Cars

Electric cars have been developing for over ten years now but have only been available to the general public since 2006. As developments continue into the cars of the future, more car manufacturers are creating their own models with the adopted technology.

The main purpose of the development of electric and hybrid cars is the benefit that is impacted onto the environment. a hybrid car is an alternative to a car which uses petrol or diesel as its only fuel source. Cars that require diesel to function are very harmful to the environment.

Electric cars can be used by anyone although they are best suited for those who frequently drive around town or busy urban areas. All manufacturers versions of electric cars will differ in terms of output but many will be restricted to around 50 per full charge. This means that if you often need a car for long journeys, an electric car won't be sufficient for your needs.


An electric car needs electricity as a fuel source meaning that the owner of an electric car will need to get a charging station installed into their home.

If you don't wish to get one of these systems fitted you can use a standard wall socket although this outputs a weaker amount of electricity and will therefore take a longer period of time to charge. If you can charge your car over night this option will be practical for you.

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